Pre-Visit Checklist for Buying a Christmas Tree:

Pre-visit checklist of some things to think about and be prepared when you arrive to buy your Christmas Tree.

  1. Christmas Tree too big for houseThe first step is to measure the dimensions of the space you are planning to place your Christmas Tree. Be sure to measure the height and width. Not only do you want to make sure that your tree does not hit the ceiling, you also want to be able to walk around the tree. Write your measurements down and bring them with you to purchase your tree.
  2. It is a good idea to bring a tape measure with you shopping for your tree. When Christmas Trees are out in the open or under a tent their size can be very deceiving. It is important to measure the size of trees you are looking at to make sure it fits in the space you have prepared for the tree.
  3. Remember to bring your stand with you when you go to purchase your tree. Nothing is worse than getting your tree home and finding out that your stand won’t work with the tree you just bought. Also, your old stand may not be in as good of condition as you remember. Fresh trees are heavy and stands break all the time. Being safe and checking the condition of your stand first can help your install go smoother. Depending on where you are purchasing your tree you may be able to have the stand installed. At Jack’s Christmas Trees it is included in our service to give your tree a fresh cut and trim any branches necessary. Free of charge, Jack’s Christmas Trees will also install your stand. You only may need minor adjusting when you get home.
  4. Bring a tarp, an old sheet, or towel to place down inside or on top of your car. Fresh cut Christmas Trees are full of sticky sap. The sap is really sticky and hard to get off of anything that it touches. Especially once the sap hardens, then it is even more difficult to remove. By placing and old sheet down first, you can greatly minimize the chance of getting any sap on you car.
  5. Christmas Tree tied to roof of suvDepending on where you are purchasing your tree it may be a good idea to bring some rope of string to tie your tree down with. At Jack’s Christmas Trees we will provide FREE string and tie your tree to your vehicle securely for you.
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