O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree Song Embedded Video with lyrics and a description of the meaning

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O Christmas Tree Song

The song O Christmas Tree is a classic. It has been played during the Christmas season for many years. Therefore, it brings back old memories and feelings for most people who have heard it before. The sound of a classic Christmas song hitting your eardrums brings back thoughts and memories.

The reaction for many people, is to sing along and it usually brings a smile to their face. People have made many different versions of the song over the years with small changes to the lyrics. The one thing that all of the O Christmas songs have in common are the main lyrics about the Christmas Tree. The lyrics focus on how the Evergreen is the special tree chosen to celebrate Christmas Tree time.


Evergreen Tree

The evergreen tree has long been considered a unique tree for generations due to the ability of an Evergreen tree to survive the harsh bitter cold of winter. Many people see it as a test to it's strength to survive harsh times. Not only does the Evergreen tree survive the extremes of winter time, but it also retains its beautiful bright evergreen color year round. As well, the lovely branches branches of the Evergreen Tree remain strong throughout the extreme temperatures.

The ability of the evergreen to survive the harshness of winter is seen as a symbol of consistency and faithfulness. Even the needles of an evergreen retain their bright green color throughout winter. For these reasons and many more, you can see why the Christmas Tree is considered special and the one chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus.


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